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August Leftovers: Healing Hurts y Más Empanadas

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  • The UK’s Channel 4 is planning a reality show called Beauty and the Beast, “in which a very attractive person will share a house with someone who suffers from a severe physical disfigurement. The house…will be covered in mirrors as a constant reminder of how different they look.” A spokesperson for Channel 4 says it’s launching the show “to tackle difficult issues.” Hm.
  • The French government is threatening sanctions against EasyJet airlines, due to the company’s policy that bars disabled people from traveling without assistants. According to EasyJet, it’s based out of safety concerns: “…you should be able to undo your own seatbelt, put on your own oxygen mask, lifejacket and make your own way to your nearest emergency exit unaided.”
  • The owner of the San Francisco empanada shop with ADA violations, writes an SF Weekly blogger with ableist tendencies, “has found a solution to stay in businesses while not violating the law by keeping folks in wheelchairs out: Now you can’t come in either. The cooks will hand you your empanada through the gate and everyone can eat outside.” Meanwhile, the shop owner has invited back the disabled man who was close to suing her: “If he comes, he will be sold buns, no problem. He can come buy all the buns he wants.”
  • In other lawsuit news, a woman with cerebral palsy who went on a “healing pilgrimage” to the Catholic sanctuary in Lourdes, France, ended up breaking both her legs there. Her sisters are now suing the company that organized the trip.
  • Berkeley protesters camping out against state budget cuts to disability services made a move on California’s state capitol, Sacramento. Twenty-two people were arrested.

(via Media dis&datOuch!, and SF Weekly)

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