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Sins Invalid Crip Soiree and Speakeasy



Sins Invalid is a “disability justice based performance project that celebrates the power of disability, embodiment & sexuality to offer a vision of beauty that includes all bodies and communities.” But you probably already knew that. The revolutionary Sins has been receiving plenty of accolades and press coverage recently as they prepare for their Crip Soiree & Speakeasy on October 11 and 12 in Oakland. Sins is well-known for their thought-provoking, radical, multidisciplinary performances centering disabled artists of color, queer and gender variant artists. Due to the popularity of the visionary, sexy shows, which Sins co-founder and director Patty Berne refers to as “a praxis of disability justice,” the project wanted to get their political and cultural message across to audiences outside of the Bay area. Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, Sins was able to document performances, behind the scenes footage and artist interviews in their eponymous, 32 minute film, which will be making its US preview next month. (If you’re lucky enough to live in Osaka, Japan you may have already seen the film when it premiered at the Kansai Queer Film Festival a couple of weeks ago, which Patty wrote about here). To celebrate the documentary, Sins Invalid is throwing a kickoff party at their Crip Soiree, featuring pre-film performances by artists Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, Nomy Lamm, Maria R. Palacios, seeley quest and Leroy Moore Jr. But it’s more than just a party. “It’s a party with a program,” says film director and Sins director Patty Berne. “We wanted to do something to celebrate the film’s release. It’s been a long buildup. We started the process for developing a film in 2007 and we wanted something that was more interactive. Typically with the performances there’s not a lot of engagement between the artists and the audience -certainly there is energetically- but it’s not really where people hang out with the artists. So we wanted something where people could mingle, so the idea is a crip soiree and speakeasy because we want to introduce some of the people in the film and really highlight the film itself.”

You can find out more information on the Crip Soiree facebook page and purchase tickets to the event here. As Sins writes, the film “promises to be a paradigm shifting experience as it reveals crip eroticism at its finest.” What more do you want?

2 thoughts on “Sins Invalid Crip Soiree and Speakeasy

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  2. Corbett gave me this film because she is awesome and I had been yearning to see Sins Invalid. Thanks for making it! Love!

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